What is a domain name

What is a domain name

Domain Name is a unique name to your website.  Domain name is the address on the internet to connect or reach to a particular website. It is the text based label to remember easily, an alternative to numerical numbers used in Internet Protocol.

There are few terms with which beginners normally mix it up, URL, Internet Protocol or IP address with domain name. It is very important to understand these terminologies individually as all these are used everywhere in the world of online and you should use the correct term to communicate with other people.

URL or a Universal Resource Locator is the entire set of directions and contains detailed information.  The domain name is a part of URL. For example


the above is the URL for Contact us page of the website www.momearns.com

Now www.momearns.com is a domain name, where

.com  – refers to the Top-Level Domain (TLD)

.momearns. – refers to a sub-domain

www. – refers to a sub-domain prefix for the World Wide Web.

An Internet Protocol or IP address is a set of numerical instructions which communicates exact information about the address in a way that is useful to the computer.  Domain name acts as a link to IP address and point to the place where the IP address information resides. 

In short, domain name is a part of the URL which points to the IP address.

To summarize, www is a universal prefix to all domains, the middle name is what you choose along with the TLD as a suffix.  You will learn in detail about TLD in our successive post.

Domain name selection plays a vital role for a successful online business.


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