What is TLD or Domain Extension

What is TLD or Domain Extension

Top Level Domain (TLD) in other words Domain extension refers to the last segment of a domain name.   TLD is also known as domain suffixes.

In early nineties “dotcom business” had created a big wave.  Millions of people were in online business and they all used only “.com” suffix.  Even today .com is being the first choice of everyone to have the domain name with,  all other extensions are next to it, three out of every four generic TLDs is a .com.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), is the entity that coordinates domains and IP addresses for the internet. ICANN has generally been very strict about opening up new TLDs, but in 2010, it decided to allow the creation of numerous new generic TLDs as well as TLDs for company-specific trademarks.

TLDs are mainly classified into two categories:

1. Generic TLDs and

2. Country-specific TLDs.


Some of the TLDs and their explanations are as follows:

  • .com - Commercial businesses
  • .org - Organizations (generally charitable)
  • .net - Network organizations
  • .biz — business
  • .info — unrestricted
  • .gov - U.S. government agencies
  • .gov.in – Indian Government agencies
  • .mil - Military
  • .edu - Educational facilities like universities
  • .in - India
  • .th - Thailand
  • .ca - Canada
  • .au - Australia

There are four top-level domain names that are reserved, and are not used in production networks inside the worldwide domain name system:

  • .example - Only available to use in examples
  • .invalid - Only available to use in invalid domain names
  • .localhost - Only available to use in local computers
  • .test - Only available to use in tests

In modern days we are used to refer Company’s website name as its identity or address. Any business started would first register its domain name and corporate mail id which are considered as the essence of any business.  Getting an appropriate domain name for the business is considered to be the first success of the business in this modern era.



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