What is Blog

What is Blog

Blog is a common or mostly used term in the world of online income.  Blog generally is a discussion on a particular topic followed by comments from different people.  It can be on a personal topic or brand building, it can be from health tips to sports update.  A blog will be a combination of text, images, links to other blogs or websites and other related topics. In a very simple word, you write an article on a particular topic, post it on your blog site or website and invite others to share their views and comment on your article.

You can create a blog to promote your own business or profession, or sometimes you can also create a blog to post something which you are more passionate to share with others.  That is why it becomes very important for you to choose the topic which you are more interested with or you are too passionate on the topic that you will love to write about it any time, any place.

Topics of your choice can be on :


  • Kids Care
  • Health
  • Beauty tips
  • Cookeries
  • Technology

It is also equally important for your to understand about the interest of your targeted audience as well.

Your main idea on creating Blog is to make your efforts to earn some money for you.  You can put some affiliate links on your blog or google adsense and start earning money by advertising or selling other companies or people’s products or services.

Blogging is a very easy subject to understand but has wide techniques involved in order to create very attractive and remunerative Blogs.  Mom Earns will explain in detail about the Blogs in forthcoming articles. 

Meanwhile you can visit Earning Guide page to initiate a practical experiene about Blog.


Many Moms are already earning in 5 digits by writing blogs.

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