Keywords and its importance

Keywords and its importance

Keyword as the term itself tells us that it is the ‘key’ word which the internet user types to find particular information from anywhere in the world.  The search engines like google, yahoo or bing will explore and provide the information of the websites or blogs or images or videos etc., which matches the most exact information that the user is looking for.  Hence it plays a vital role in the world of internet.

It is the keyword with which the user likes to open the window of the world and looks for what he needs just sitting from where he is.  This equally becomes the duty of any search engine to provide with the most exactly matching information which a user searches for.  The quality of the search engine depends on providing the details of websites, blogs etc., which exactly suits the need of the user and with lots and lots of other choices with which the user may get satisfied that he had found what he looked for.  It is how search engines like Google are so famous worldwide.

Technically a single word is called a keyword, but a phrase of 2 or more words is called a keyword phrase.

For eg :

“Saree” is a keyword and

“Cotton Saree” or

“Cotton Saree shops” or

“Cotton Saree shops in Chennai” are called keyword phrase or string of keywords.

The combination of such keyword or keyword phrase is called keywords.  In simple words whatever you type in Google or any of the search engines is a keyword or keyword phrase.

Even many of you would have reached our website by typing some keywords like “how to earn online income” or “ways to earn online income” or so.

Why keywords are the most important :

Internet users are treated as the king of the world and all the search engines work so hard to provide them the best results to satisfy their search.  The job of search engines is so tedious that it has to bring in all the search results which the user is looking for with the exact combination of the keyword he uses and then with the nearby matching results.  Moreover all these should happen within some fraction of milliseconds.

So obviously it becomes the most important task of all the website or blog owners to meet with the majority choice of the internet user’s search keyword and be on the top list to serve with the information requested. There are wide varieties of techniques with which you can use the keywords and be on top list.  This also plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We will discuss all these techniques in our successive post.


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