Difference between a Blog and a Website

Difference between a Blog and a Website

As you have learnt some basics about Blog and Website already, let us see it some more technically and understand the major difference between these two.  It is very important for you to know its difference so that you can choose on which you would like to build up your pages.  Both are equally important and used highly in today’s online world.


A blog which is nothing but a web log that a blogger posts contents which is displayed in chronological order.  The recent content is shown first followed by the previously updated content.  A blog can be easily created using WordPress or Blogger or other easy to use software which comes with readymade design templates. 

Blog will generally consists of a chronological listing of blog posts, inviting readers to comment on the contents of the blog and is commonly archived by date, category, author, tags and sub-categories.


A website on the other hand is a broader term which can contain anything including Blog as a part of it.  Hence designing of website would be consuming additional tasks to create it.  However even for websites readymade templates are available starting from static website to dynamic sites like matrimony, real estate,  jobs portal etc.,

Website will generally consists of  a Home page with links to several other website pages viz., company profile, products or services offered to the visitors, customer testimony, feedback from the users, contact details, a blog if required and many more.

Which one you need? A Blog or a Website is exactly based on your need.  Now you can plan on how you want to convey your thoughts to the world. If you want to just post your contents and invite others to leave their comments and feedback then stay with Blog. On the other hand if you have a bigger plan to provide the user with multiple facilities and information you can choose to create a website.

WordPress can always be use to create a Website which is easy to manage and advantage as SEO friendly.

You will learn in detail about WordPress and SEO in forthcoming posts.


In a nutshell, all Blogs are Websites but all Websites are not Blogs.


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