5 Tips for your modern website

5 Tips for your modern website

In today’s competitive world there are millions of websites which are available to the common and targeted users. Creating an attractive and informative website is the first step of your successful online venture.  The more you concentrate on basic fundamentals of your website, the high will be your visibility. Here are 5 tips which are really needed to compete with other modern websites :


1. Ensure your site is fast

People today are running out of time and whatever time they spend online, they would like to spend useful and rewarding.  One has plenty of websites which can serve particular information. So, it becomes very important to serve with instant information to the user who visits your website.

More the delay, more the bounce rate.  Design your web pages as optimized as possible including the images, page structures and third-party plugins. The faster your site responses, the better will be the user experience and longer browsing of your website.


2. Ensure your site is responsive

Modern world has multiple user interfaces like desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet etc., If your website force visitors to pinch and scroll their way around your site, they will be irritated and bounce back to some other website. Ensure that your website is responsive i.e. easily accessible and comfortably viewed with any range of devices, importantly on smart phones.


3. Create Internal Links

When creating contents of the web pages, you can keep a sharp eye for internal links. Internal link helps a lot for SEO to bring your website on top of others and at the same time it provides excellent experience for the users.


4. Use video into your contents

Video contents allow the user to engage more time in your website. While text-based contents are common and essence for majority of the websites, images and videos adds up the user to learn easily, comfortably and attentively. This also boosts traffic to your website.


5. Create Inter links by inviting others to guest blog your site.

Inviting people to your website and allowing them to post blogs, articles could bring new visitors and readers to your site. Ensure strongly that you do not allow to post low quality contents, spam links etc.,

You should also reach to as many sites as possible, post articles and provide your site links.


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