Difference between Forum and Blog

Difference between Forum and Blog

A forum is an online discussion group in which participants with common interest can exchange messages.  Forum is different from Chat rooms as the messages are often longer than one line of text.

Forums or an Internet Forum is a message board that is online placed by a company, or a non-profit organization or by an individual with a common interest of public. A blog is more of a personal page, where it belongs to a single person or a small group.

In the advanced technology world, almost everyone is online to express their feelings. Internet has become the live wire of people where almost everything is done online.  There are plenty of tools available in order to allow people to express their views and opinions online. Unlike in the past where people used to create such website using programming languages, nowadays blogs and forums are available with readymade templates and quick to launch.

Forums allow people to hold conversations by posting messages. In order to post these messages, one would have to sign-up with the website and have admin approve you. Similarly, in many forums the messages must also be approved by a moderator before they can show up on the forum. The conversation starts with one person with a certain level asking a question or asking a person’s views regarding a certain object or topic.

The members of the forum can then start commenting and providing their views. The forum is posted in threads, where each comment is a thread. In many forums, a user does not require log-in to read the messages, but will have to log-in if trying to comment on a particular thread.

Earning from Forum :

When it comes to earning from online, a forum is no different from other websites in this regard. It can make money by showing advertisements, by providing affiliate links, by selling a product, or similar ways.

While not all forums exist simply to make money, some companies set up forums as a platform for supporting their products, or simply to promote discussion.

How much one can earn from Forums would depend on the number of members, the subject matter of the forum, and on how hard the site owners are prepared to work at it.

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