Building an effective website

Building an effective website

Before you start designing a website, it is important for you to understand the end user’s needs and the various platforms on which your users will view the webpage.  You should plan the best approach on various parts of a web page, including the header, footer, background, content areas and side bars.

You should understand very clearly that your website, web pages, navigation of web pages should be based on all possible users, including those who are unfamiliar with technology.  It is just not enough to design a website attractive with colors and graphics, but they must be able to navigate the site quickly, easily and interestingly, which keeps the user engaged with your website and returns to it often.

From Header to Footer, the entire web layout should be created with basic page elements that navigates end user and helps them to find what they are looking for.  Header is the primary focus area as it is the first sight of any user visiting your website.  Establishing your brand and pitching your clear call to the user is carried out in this header section.

The home page should include bold, vibrant images and large clear text.  Content is the king of the website as most of the user spend most of their on a website interacting with the content.  Content writers are more in demand and highly paid because of this reason.

It is equally very important to choose the right layout for your website as it determines how your end users interact with it.  With the high end technology available people use tablet, mobile phone, laptop or desktop to view a website.  So your web layout should be responsive to all of these gadgets and provide a clear navigation from left to right and top to bottom.

Earlier people use to develop websites using HTML tags but in today’s world we have tools like Wordpress to easily built attractive websites which we will explain to you in forthcoming article.

Moms will ensure to develop the website with high user interest.  

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