How to choose the Best Hosting Plan

How to choose the Best Hosting Plan

Web Hosting is storing a website content or web pages on to a server connected with internet, which will be accessed through an IP address or a domain name.  In simple words it is the place to store all your files related to your website which you can open through a secured IP address or through a domain name.

A domain name will be configured with a server IP address which is called as Domain Name server. The domain name once the DNS (Domain Name Server) configuration, shall access the IP address of that server and allows the user to access the files stored in the server.

Normally a web hosting service would be required after the designing and development of a website or after the registration of a domain name. 

Important points to note while Choosing a Web Hosting Service :

What kind of website are you building? Static / Dynamic

Do you want something common or ready-made like  a WordPress or blog?

Do you need Windows applications / Linux applications?

Do you need a special version of software with database support?

What amount of traffic volume you expect to your website? Etc., 

Investigate on host reliability and uptime guarantees.

Check on Web Host up-gradation options.

Check on the supporting features like site backup, regular updation on firewall and other security software.

Last but not least the pricing of Hosting space while signing up as well as for renewal.

Based on your need, you can try to choose the following Hosting Plans :

Shared Server – Where multiple domains of different users will be hosted.

Dedicated Server – Where exclusively your web pages alone will be hosted.

Virtual Private Server – This is in between Shared and Dedicated server.   There will be only few other domains which have been hosted along with yours.


If you are new to web business then you can start with shared server.  It is always possible to upgrade from Shared server to VPS or a dedicated server.


Domain Parking:

Some may just register the domain name and would have not created any web pages or not connected any services like emails or website. They would have registered the domain name for the future purpose. This is called as domain parking. 

Moms would start with Shared Hosting, then graduate as per the need.

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