Effective ways to bring good traffic to your site

Effective ways to bring good traffic to your site

Many people feel that they have done their job once after registering a domain name, designing a beautiful website and hosting with a reputed server.  But in reality your actual work just begins after it.  There are millions of websites and blogs created and hosted on internet, but how many of them are active and are ready to reach the user is a million worth question. 

Let’s say for an example you are an expert in making artificial jewellery.  You have made hundreds of varieties and kept in your shelf for display.  Each of the jewels you have made is well appreciated by all your family members, friends and your neighbours. But have your potential customers seen your products? This is what is going to matter for your business, is it not? Now can you say that you have done all the hard work in bringing out your best in making the jewel and displaying it professionally for sales but waiting for the fortune to bring the customer all the way to your shop? Honestly No.  In reality your business starts only when you promote your products in the market and drive the customers to your place. 

Similarly creating blog or website with high quality content alone is not going to get you business, you will have to use the promotional techniques and drive the potential people to your site.  Now let us see how you can keep your site busy with thousands of people reaching it regularly and you are busy in closing the deals!!!

1. Online Advertisement

Advertisement plays a key role in any promotional activity. Advertising online with Google, paid search, social media advertising are all the excellent methods to bring in potential customers to your site. Online advertisement is an effective tool where you can control your traffic, target the segment area-wise, age group-wise, customer behavior-wise etc., You can keep control on your budget and have a check on the results against to your payment. Online advertising is an instant promotional activity to shoot out your service to the world.

2. Go Social

Another effective medium of promotion is going with social media channels to promote your site.  Today you have plenty of social networks available like facebook, twitter, Google + etc., which can help your promotion effectively with much lesser cost. 

3. Catchy Tag lines or Headlines

Catching Tag lines or irresistible headlines are the most important parts of your site. Your quality contents might get unnoticed many a time due to lack of compelling headlines.  In many instances in the world of internet, the headlines were the key to success in bringing huge traffic to their sites.

4. On-Page SEO

Though not much done on Search Engine Optimization, let us just understand to ensure that the basics are practiced well.

  • Write meta descriptions for your content
  • Write alt text for your images 
  • Create internal links to your contents

These simple basic things can boost organic traffic to your site.


5. Email Marketing

So many people concentrate only on bringing in the new customers and lose their focus on retaining them or inviting them to revisit again. Email marketing can be an effective tool to have a continuous touch with the existing customers of your site. A gentle email reminder about your new product or service can help you boost your traffic.  On the other hand, it should not bombard people with so many emails on each and every update in your site. 


Moms will practice well on this as Customer matters a lot to business!!!


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