Frequently Asked Questions

This is a small list of Frequently Asked Questions to know more about Mom Earns and its activities. You can also write personally to contact us if you have further questions:

Mom Earns is an online tutorial guide on various possible ways of making part time or online income. Our aim is to make Million Moms to earn regular part time income. We regularly update useful articles online that will be helpful to start making money.

We have periodical update which will be posted on the Welcome page also some important newsletters will be sent to you by mail. Apart from that we also have Earning guide thro which we provide hands on training about various ways to earn online jobs. By subscribing with Mom Earns you are eligible to use all these features.

No. We are currently offering all the services at no cost to our subscribers.

The short answer is No. Plagiarism is not admissible and we may sometimes file a complaint against websites that republish our content illegally.

Yes, we will review all your write-ups or articles which you will be submitting under Blogs from Moms. We are looking for original and well-written articles on topics of your choice under given category. Once after satisfying with the contents and other elements in the write-up, we will approve and publish.

Major users of Mom Earns are beginners and they try to acquire basic knowledge of online income. Everyone would like to see their first assignment to be a successful one. In order to recognize your first effort and motivate you to do yourself in a bigger way, Mom Earns offer certain rewards. Currently we offer Rs. 250/- to the articles submitted by the user which gets 100 likes within 30 days of publishing. The rewards are subject to change time to time with or without any notice.

Yes, you can post any number of articles in any category. But for reward program only one article which earns 100 likes within 30 days of publishing is eligible to get rewarded.

No, each likes are unique and a reader of your write-up under Blogs from Moms can post only one like.

We expect lots of subscribers use our services under Earning guide. Hence we expect to analyse all the statistics and declare your reward. Once after your write-up earns reward i.e. getting 100 likes, within 30 days of publishing the post, we will take 30 to 90 days to send you your reward.

Subscribers should understand that Mom Earns is only a tutorial guide and encourages to start little things in practical which will give more confidence to do yourself. We offer reward to motivate your efforts. Mom Earns has the right to limit the rewards to first 500 write-ups which has received 100 likes. Also the reward scheme is subject to change time to time and you can check the same under Terms and conditions and Terms of Use.

Mom Earns currently is a one-man team. Our motto is not hiring people but to create independent earners. For sure we will allow you the space to exhibit your ideas, talents and success stories in Mom Earns.

You can post your feedback or questions on our contact us page and we’ll try to reply at the earliest possible. You can also send an email at

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