Earning Guide for Moms

Mom Earns guides you on various ways to earn online income with practical examples and space to practice yourself. This earning guide will explain in detail on the various earning possibilities online which you can learn one by one and choose the one which you feel that matches your passion. Before you actually start practicing on the below earning guide, you can read and understand various articles available in the welcome page about Online part time jobs.


Earning from writing blogs

We will start with the simple way to earn from writing blogs. Mom Earns provides you a live platform to practice yourself on writing blogs and promoting the same using different medium of social marketing.

To encourage you on getting your first online reward, Mom Earns rewards you with Rs. 2,500/-* as a token of appreciation and recognizes your online efforts. This will motivate you to start your own blog site immediately and earn regular online income.

Earning from writing blogs

We are so happy to see your curiosity to start earning online.

As you have understood about various online earning options from various topics explained in our welcome page, we are going to live demonstrate how you can start earning online. We will start with earning from blog initially and later we will add on demonstration on other earning tools.

For common understanding, in Mom Earns, we are going to use the term Blog for your Write ups or Articles.

The steps given below are not finite and not the only style to make money online but it is one of the simple way to begin with.

We will guide you step by step on how you can make your tutorial blogs and start earning.

Step 1 : Read through all the articles in the welcome page to understand about part time or online income.

Step 2 : Choose a topic of your interest to write a tutorial blog

Step 3 : Login here to submit your blog. (Do not copy paste the contents from any other site, only the original contents will be published)

Step 4 : Share the link of your blog to your friends and relatives and ask them to like and comment

Step 5 : Check out your blog status daily.

In order to encourage your effort, we reward you with Rs. 2500/-* (as a token of appreciation) to each of the blog which has gained 100 likes and more within 30 days of publishing your tutorial blog.

So what are you waiting for? Start blogging, invite friends to like your blogs and earn your first reward from Mom Earns…

Actually you are going to post your write up on a particular topic. You will learn at the end how these practices are converted in creating your own blogs.

  • Choose a topic or category which you are most interested with.
  • Pick some important points which you would like to enrich your ideas on it.
  • Write few paragraphs with few images if required.
  • Always ensure that it comes from you and not copied from any other source.
  • Give a suitable title and post your write up under proper category.

Majority of the blogs posted here will be from the fresher and starters so do not embrace much on your first write up. All the people here have joined to learn and making mistake at this stage always helps you to learn better.

We after reading through your post, shall decide to publish based on various qualifying factors majorly that it has been written by you and not copy pasted from any other article. Once your article is published, you will be intimated with a mail.

That’s it, your first work is published and is available for other people to like and leave a comment on your write up.

For common understanding, we are going to refer your write-up as tutorial Blog wherever it is applicable. We will send you a complete learning guide on creating blog to you once after you complete this activity.

You have learnt your first step on writing and posting a tutorial blog on a particular topic. That is, now you have made your tutorial blog available to the public. Your next step now is to inform the market that your tutorial blog is available for anyone to read and comment. Here market is nothing but the people who will visit your tutorial blog and read it. It is like promoting your blog.

Now as a beginner to whom you will go and inform? On the other hand it is not your commercial blog in order to spend money to promote and invite people to your blog. That is where you are going to get support from your known circle i.e. your friends and relatives

Once your tutorial blog is published, you will receive a mail with your blog link. You will have to send this link to your friends and relatives by email or sms or by whatsapp. Inform them that you are in a stage of learning on earning online income and request them to give a like to your tutorial blog after reading it.

You will be able to watch the number of people who have liked your tutorial blog. Also you can read the comments left by them on your tutorial blog, if any.

In order to encourage your efforts, Mom Earns rewards as a token of appreciation. If your tutorial blog gains 100 likes within 30 days of publishing you will receive an appreciation mail confirming the same.

Every first reward will give you lots of motivation. So try and invite as many people as possible to your tutorial blog.

Once your tutorial blog is published, 100 people visited and liked your blog, you are eligible for your reward of Rs. 2500/-*. Once you attain this stage, we will send you a letter of appreciation and confirm your earning. We shall arrange to send your first reward by cheque within 90 days of your earning.

We will send you all the details of payment and dispatch details to you.

Your first payment will reach you in minimum of 30 days and maximum of 90 days from your earning date.

This is your first successful journey which inspires you to reach a much higher level of earning online. We shall be very happy to provide you continuous guide to reach a big milestone.

Wish you all the best !!!

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  • We periodically publish information which we feel to be useful to our users.
  • In order to provide a practical experience, we provide some hands on activities under Earning guide. Currently we are guiding to publish tutorial blogs and promote it to users circle.
  • We have a small reward program of Rs. 2500/- to encourage the efforts of the users of our site.
  • The reward is eligible to the users who have published their tutorial blog and has gained 100 likes to their blog within 30 days of publishing.
  • This reward will be available to only first 500 tutorial blogs which gets 100 likes within 30 days of publishing.
  • Users should understand that they do not have any legal claim towards the reward as we are offering it only as token of appreciation.
  • The reward program might change from time to time.
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