Minicoy Island- Paradise

Author : sukhaina

Minicoy Island- Paradise

I am form the paradise "Minicoy island...."

Any plans to visit the place???

You should definitely think of it. let me give you some interesting facts of the place.

Minicoy island can be described as paradise because of its natural beauty, the white sand, the blue lagoon, It has the largest lagoon in comparison to all the islands.

Once you are in the place the feel is different. The first thing definitely you will notice where ever you go are the public or the people in the place. So, in this point, you will feel that you have landed to a land of Lilliput island, because the size of the figures are small comparatively to the main land people.

Another thing is the roads and the places to visit in the island, then imagining yourself in the beautiful sea, the excitement goes on to the core!!!

As a tourist visiting for such a short time {information: with the permission from the government}, you may want to look at many things like the "culture & Traditions" which is very different and even the food. 

The most awesome thing that happens there is a marriage, It is suggestible to attend one. You will come to know all that happens in the island.

Unlike the other islands or the mainland custom of the marriage, they have an amazing fact of the Groom staying rest of his life at his wife's house. Indian culture marriages have the opposite system of the bride leaving their houses and staying in their husband's house. And the interesting thing is, here the Groom exchange the gift to bride unlike the Indian culture again.

Talking about the houses in the island, they really don't need a vacation in the beach side, because their houses are near the beach or may phrase it saying "it is in the beach".

It is isolated in whole meaning of isolation. They don't have any facilities of a normal state or a city, reason to say this is because there are no markets, no theaters, no entertainment like the mainland. Off course there is a hospital, there are other government
The way you can entertain yourself is the most exiting thing to do " FISHING"cool

Giving a brief about traveling, you can only travel by ship, and in an emergency by helicopter.

So I think this should be it for now, lets keep the suspense for more information for sometime, I really would want to show you all some real pictures which are not edited as of now, but I will click some and post it too the next time I travel home!!!


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