Compilations of Dengue Fever

Author : Jothi K

Compilations of Dengue Fever

How to Prevent Dengue Fever 

There is no vaccine to prevent dengue fever. The best method of protection is to avoid mosquito bites and to reduce the mosquito population. When in a high-risk area, you should:·      
1. avoid heavily populated residential areas
2. use mosquito repellent indoors and outdoors
3. wear long-sleeved shirts and pants tucked into socks
4. use air conditioning instead of opening windows
5. ensure that window and door screens are secure, and any holes are repaired
6. use mosquito nets if sleeping areas are not screened

Reducing the mosquito population involves getting rid of mosquito breeding areas. These areas include any place that still water can collect, such as:
birdbaths·       pet dishes·       empty planters·       flower pots·       cans·       any empty vessel

These areas should be checked, emptied, or changed regularly.


According to Ayurveda, the derivation cause of high temperature is poisoned, which can widen within your body due to either internal or external factors. Nilavembu ingredients consent to the body system to fight off these poisons and naturally increases their elimination. The main activity is also observed on AMA (toxins). It cuts down on the formation of AMA within your body. Its intestinal activity enhances digestive system, which further prevents toxin’s accumulation. Some of its ingredients also check the functions of the liver and enhance the overall health of intestinal tract.

DOSAGE : The decoction ready should prepare yourself using 240 ml mineral water and 2 to 3 of Nilavembu Kudineer Choornam and it should be warmed and simmered to lessen the fluid material to 60 ml. In grown-ups, 60 ml Nilavembu Kudineer natural consume or decoction is the complete dose, which should be taken two or three times every day as per suggestions.

II. Papaya leaves :
1. Take 3 fresh raw leaves of papaya.
2.  Process them in the mixer to make a paste.
3.  Combine the paste with 2 tbsp of any fruit juice of your choice.
4.  Mix well.
5.  Directly consume the mixture.
6.  Repeat that 2 times every day, for around 7 days.
7.  You will get total relief from dengue.

III. Fruits :A good amount of Vitamin C foods for dengue fever is a must. Vitamin C is the single most important nutrient for the immune system and essential for the formation of adrenal hormones. Fruits like strawberries, guava, kiwi and papaya help in the production of lymphocytes.


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