Sai Baba Silver Pendant - Blessed by Sai Baba

Author : Lalitha

Sai Baba Silver Pendant - Blessed by Sai Baba

Om Sai Ram

I am a humble devotee of Lord Shiva and Shirdi Sai baba.  My life is fully blessed with Sai Baba and he has been so generous in blessing me with peaceful life. I have Sai Baba idol and photo frames in my house. I was looking out to buy some bracelet or pendant so that I can wear it at all the times.

While searching for it, Sai Baba showed me a locket which is made up of 5 gms Silver.  The highlighting feature of this product is, it has come out in memory of Sai Baba’s  100th year of Samadhi Life.  The front side of the pendant was with Sai Baba’s beautiful face and the back side of the coin was carrying the message like 100 years of Samadhi Life 1918 – 2018. 

I was so blessed to have come across this real treasure, yes I feel it as treasure because this pendant is very special which carries the message of Sai Baba centenary Samadhi life. The pack was containing Red color thread and Sai baba’s Abhisekha Vibuthi.  Moreover, this pendant was blessed from the feet of Sai Baba what else I need further.

I got it ordered from

I feel so blessed to carry Sai Baba’s pendant near to my heart at all thSe times.

Friends, give your offering - Faith and Patience to Baba, rest he will take care.

I pray Shirdi Sai Baba to bless us all for peaceful life.

Om Sai Ram


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