Clear acne in 21 days

Author : Sarikamurugan

Clear acne in 21 days

Since my skin is too oily and sensitive through all skin products temptations on social media ...I started to buy things  for my face and started using those on my face even without a patch test And ended up with lot of acne Nd comidoms(whiteheads Nd blackheads) which taunted me a lot nd then where I came across through SAAFI.
SAAFI is a life saver for me I used it for 21 days continuously without skipping Nd guess wat my acne cleared 
conditions to drink Saafi
not recommended for pregnant ladies
saafi can be bought In any local medical shop 
very effective 
purifies blood as it is known to cleanse blood 
pimple vanishes
tastes really bad 
 if u hav decided to take Safi I recommend u to drink lots nd lots of water 


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